May 04, 2006


I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on a chance to be conspicuous by being in this land where I'm so conspicuous, but who cares, I've been reading about Flashmobs for a year or so and think that Taichung is right for the flashing.

That bubble mob in Vancouver was some kind of cool. Just imagine, 100 foreigners showing up at the train station or the city hall and blowing bubbles for five minutes and leaving. The soap and water would certainly do the place good.

This one looks wacky:

Xbox 360 Flash Mob - Huntsville, AL

[submitted-2006-04-23 11:43:18 PST]

Huntsville, AL - University of Alabama in Huntsville University Center

1:30 PM - 1:35 PM

Show up in the University Center at this exact time and look for a guy in a blue hat. He will have a "standoff" with another guy where they point thier fingers at each other, pretending to have guns. At this point, point your fingers at someone next to you and do the same. When the guy in the blue hat yells "bang", do the same. After a "firefight" everyone will fall down and pretend to be dead. After a moment, everyone will get up and walk away like it never happened. This is a parody of the famous xbox360 commercial and should be a lot of fun.

Or this one in Toronto (via Wikipedia) those really long pillows they have on sale at Carrefour seem to be built with this sort of thing in mind.

Then there's the ZombieWalk variant, which I can see going over great at Mitsukoshi mall on a Sunday afternoon.Just think: if we could just get enough people to tie up the escalators from the 1st floor to the food court that would be a great laugh.

Then there's Critical Mass which could be potentially be dangerous to participants if my preconception of Taichung taxi drivers holds any water. But, a huge night time bike ride around town would be a lot of fun. Taichung is listed at but there is no other information about rides.
has info on Critical Mass. Taipei is listed, but they seem to have been inactive for about 6 years. Unless I'm mistaken. anyone interested in causing a quick ruckus?

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