June 16, 2006


Well, I got the TVU Player installed on my desktop and England is playing both on the TV and the computer monitor. In an ideal world, I could watch the game on the TV screen and listen to it on my computer.

Let's see, on the TV, Dwight Yorke just took a shot in the nads, no idea what they're talking about on MUCH TV because the ESPN feed I'm listening to is about a minute behind what's on the biggish screen. The paramedics came out for Dwight as the ESPN guys said that he'd had "the wind knocked out of him." I'll say he had. He walked off under his own steam and now the commentators are talking about the American "team." C'mon fellas, one game at a time!

England are still playing like crap. Not as bad as the Americans, but they certainly don't look like the champions as Spain did last night. But what do I know, I'm just an American. And I'm biased because of the 100NT I have riding on either Spain or Ghana.

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