March 28, 2007

Taichung International Seeks Expansion

As in...International Airport. The old domestic airport which brought planes over my apartment up and moved one day in 2004. So, one bit of noise has disappeared from the block. I wish the advertising trucks would head off with them.

A student told me a few weeks ago that the airport in Shalu--that's the international one--isn't doing very good business because passengers can take off on International flights, but cannot return to Taiwan? Runways to short? I asked the student how the planes got to Taichung in the first place to pick up the passengers to take them away.

Sorry my mind was wandering. Where was I?

It seems that this international airport is making life in Central Taiwan a bit more convenient.
For example, last December Mandarin Airlines began operating flights between Taichung and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. International airline Hong Kong Express Airways, meanwhile, offers flights between Hong Kong and Taichung.
So, a visa run straight from Taichung? No need to ride the bus for two hours to Taipei. If my math is correct, this may shave four hours off travel time to North America.

I think that the director of the Taichung Airport Office has one of the coolest English names I've seen recently..."Clone" Chang. Awesome.

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