April 10, 2007

Taiwan X-Cup #10

Taiwan X-Fun magazine's X-Cup #10 came out last week with a nod to 16 foreign artists (full disclosure: I'm on pages 60-63) from 12 different countries (if you count Mercury and Taiwan) living and working in Taiwan. There's some really good stuff in there--photography, graffiti, sculpture, video. I've come to know the work of several of the graffiti artists, but I'm blown away by what all everyone else is up to.

Dazed-j, & Jaz Loh Jason , of Singapore; Benjamin Brard, & Gilles Falisse, France. Dabs1, Mercury LSB , Paul Batt,& James Voges, from the US; Harley Smart , Keith Jones, & Beans and Bueller, from Canada; PFL, of England; Aoki Yuka, Japan; TC Lin, naturalized Taiwanese; Syko Song, Korea; and Tobie Openshaw, South Africa.

If you're in Taiwan, pick up a copy of the magazine, it's only 100NT; if you're not on the island, and don't feel like flying over, check out their websites.

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