May 02, 2007

Here Comes Big Al

Al Gore's documentary played in Taichung for all of a week; I hope that this time around he is able to generate more of a buzz. The China Post Reports speeches in Taipei and Kaoshuing, but my wife suggested that he would give a speech in Taichung as well.

China Post - 台灣新聞 , Taiwan , News: "Gore is expected to give one speech each in Taipei and Kaohsiung between Sept. 13 and 20, she said. There will also be a summit forum held at the Yushan National Park in central Taiwan, which President Chen Shui-bian will be invited to attend."

When Bill Clinton came a few years back, I was disappointed to learn that the only people who would be allowed near the autographing table were folks who spent NT$10,000 in the bookstore. Lots of celebrities. I woke up at four in the morning, but fortunately I didn't get on the bus.

Better luck this time?

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