August 20, 2007

Whose Airliner?

The headline sports a big "C" and a little "a." Surely this means the plane that caught on fire in Okinawa was from the PRC?

China airliner on fire at Japan airport - Asia-Pacific - "TOKYO - A plane belonging to Taiwan's China Airlines Ltd. caught fire at an airport on Japan's southern island of Okinawa on Monday, Japanese media said."


Ok, they've changed the headline to Taiwanese airliner burns at an airport in Okinawa. Good for you MSNBC.

Kyodo news agency reports no injuries.


Joshua Samuel Brown said...

Patrick Smith, Salon's "Ask the Pilot" columnist, wrote about the confusion arising from Taiwan's China Air and China's Air China.

Man, that little runway BBQ scared the crap out of me, as that run - TPE to NAHA - is such a popular visa trip run. That could have been us on that runway. Oh, the humanity!

PS - Word verification is annoying as shit. Just OK comments by hand.

Kevlar said...

Nice blog ;)
I stumbled here while searching for a "NEW" Taiwan law. Which states something like "Taiwanese students in public schools must receive a minimum grade of 80%." Meaning regardless of the students ability they will get between 80-100%.