October 01, 2007

Hey Americans! Vote Early, Vote Often

I've been hoping to play a more active role in Expat Voter Registration in Taichung especially with the way things played out in 2000, then in 2004. Let's see what we can put together now.

Anyone interested in voting in the elections in 2008 (General Election-Tuesday, November 4th, unless Cheney declares martial law and cancels them/ Primary Elections-- look to be starting on February 5th) should check out Project Vote Smart to see how the incumbents in their neighborhood have been voting.

Here's a Candidate Comparison Chart, but it seems incomplete without Ron Paul represented. Here's another.

Feeling sufficiently interested and/or angry enough to get off your butt and request and overseas ballot? Good for you. At VoteFromAbroad.org you can fill out a form for an absentee ballot from your home county and download it as a PDF file or have it faxed to you. After filling in your picks, just mail that sucker back before the due date and you can work to ensure that the world stay safe for democracy or whatever.

The Federal Voting Assistance Page (FVAP.gov) has online forms for absentee ballots and more.

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