November 27, 2007

Down in Kenting

So far I've managed to get down to Kenting about once every four years. Yes, that's a nuclear plant next to the beach with two wind turbines in the background. Taiwan is a country of contradictions.

Someone sitting next to me in the car said that this was probably a UFO. I won't say her name, but we've been married for 5 years or something. Nice cloud, though, what?

From time to time, Taiwan presents something outstanding. Cloud Gate Dance Theater, The One NT Big Mac Meal, and the National Aquarium Park in Hengcheng are just a few examples. My son is nuts for Finding Nemo and would barely sit still until we found the sharks. I don't recall if I'd ever gone to an aquarium before, but the displays here are certainly awe inspiring. They could stand a little work with the bilinguallity of their exhibits.

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