September 14, 2008

Typhoon Sinlaku

Just in case you're checking in from Stateside, or wherever, this typhoon is one long lasting lad. There was a PTA at school on Friday night, which we all hoped would be canned because of the weather. The wind was pretty wicked all afternoon, but not much rain until after about 9 on Friday night. Schools were closed on Saturday, so I got to sleep until 7 when my alarm went off. Howling wind off and on all day.
Now it's almost 0100 Sunday morning, and the wind is picking up again. I looked at the satellite picture and am pretty surprised to see that the storm doesn't seem to have moved too much. We didn't get as much rain yesterday as some parts just north of here. Looks like 50mm here vs over 300 up north.
Everyone is safe and dry in my house.

UPDATE: Sunday morning. There's a little water on the kitchen floor where it came in from the balcony. The typhoon is still parked over Taiwan. Not much rain at the moment, but the wind woke me up this morning. This effects my breakfast plans, but I'm not bitter.

REUPDATED: Sunday evening now. The radar picture looks the same now as it did yesterday. We've had rain off and on all day today, but it's rain of the perpendicular rather than horizontal variety. There have been moments of wind here and there, but mostly a heavy drizzle. No, that's not right. How does the Central Weather Bureau put it? Heavy Rainfall? Check. Extremely Heavy Rainfall? Yep. Torrential Rainfall? Oh yeah. Extremely Torrential Rainfall! Oh My God YES! YES! YES! That's what we've had today. Extremely Torrential Rainfall. The light purple on the precipitation map means 300+mm today in the mountains above Taichung. Took a trip to go retrieve my raincoat this evening, and saw water up to the bottom of the bridge in the canal. Not only that, I saw a couple cram schools open for business with roomsful of kids getting their learn on. On a typhoon day. On Full Moon Festival.

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