September 14, 2011

Train Gone

I just had a brain freeze. I mean a thought. One of those glorious ideas that you get when you’re flying down a dual carriageway at half-past ten at night with your son on the back of your scooter and you can’t reach into your pocket to get out your iPhone and once you do anyway you do a search for Dragon Dictation at the red light and fail to find it and try to record the thought but you don’t because you didn’t put it back on your phone after getting the phone replaced for a dicky battery so you attempt to redownload it and continue to have more and more great thoughts while the app isn’t downloading because of spotty reception and traffic, but when you get to your basement parking lot and dismount you can’t download it because you’ve got two floors of concrete above you and the signal is non-existent and by this time the revelation is getting weaker and weaker until you think it’s actually a bad idea and not worth the hassle of even opening your lap top to record.

THIS is why I haven’t been blogging. Or writing at all. Or being creative in the least. I know better than to say it’s because I have kids.

What to do what to do.

Another school year has begun and everyone around me is freaking out 24/7.

...and that was last week. Completely lost the train. Maybe later. 

1 comment:

Kurtis & mom said...

Wow, I thought I am the only one that thinks in run-on sentences like the one you posted, and many times I think I didn't even lose the train, that I am at the airport WITH the train ticket......... ;-)