June 14, 2006

Horror Story

When I got to work this morning, one of my coworkers mentioned that he was surprised his girlfriend had to work today, that the kindergarten she worked at was still in operation. I figured it was just another kindergarten operating without a license or employing foreign teachers (FT's are not legally permitted to teach kids below grade two.) This was not the case.

Yesterday morning, "Jenny's" co-worker called her out of her class on the third floor. She ran up to the fourth floor and found her coworker holding a dead four month old baby. The baby had apparently smothered itself in her sleep while the "caregiver" was eating or talking to friends on the first floor of the building. Jenny immediately called 119 and instructed her coworkers to perform CPR on the baby. Nobody would , so she hung up the phone and tried to revive the infant on her own. I was as horrified as you are to learn that she was too late and there was nothing to be done.

The devastation that the child's family must be experiencing now is unfathomable. The loss of life due to criminal negligence is heart-rending. The rest of the story is nothing less than revolting.

The police were called to the school and were there for most of the afternoon. The teachers were instructed to tell parents that the police were all there for a "routine inspection" and were told not to say anything about the death. This is the kind of story that the vultures in the Taiwan media are usually all over like white on rice. I would not wish this on a family entering a time of mourning which will last the rest of their lives. I only mention the media because I'm surprised they haven't descended on the family's doorstep with their floodlights and grief meters. It smells like a big fat cover up to me.

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