June 15, 2006

Taiwan World Cup Viewer's Guide

Mr Maddog over at INDIAC e-mailed with these vocabulary items/drinking game seeds that go along with the MUCH TV wanker's overenthusiastic WC commentary.

You've probably learned the Top Five vocabulary items required for
watching soccer on Taiwan TV:
* you3 ji1 hui4! ("He's got a chance [to score]!") [spoken as often as
* you3 wei1 xian3 ("Danger!") [whenever the ball isn't within a few feet
of the center line]
* fan4 gui1 (foul, violation) [seemingly used at random]
* yue4 wei4 (offsides) [only real soccer fans know for sure]
... and the number one vocabulary item equired for watching soccer on
Taiwan TV is...
* mei2 cuo4! [usually over-mispronounced as mei2 chuo4] ("That's right!"
[used as a low-calorie filling for "dead air" (the worst possible thing
that can happen in Taiwan) whenever the announcer has nothing original
to say)

Incidentally, the cable company sent me a post card the other day. It's gone to Bali for the month and is having a wonderful time and do I realize I haven't paid my cable bill? Dear Taichung Cable Company, do you realize your service is still crap?

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