August 20, 2006

Snakes on a Plane! / script

The movie that everyone, apparently, is talking about opens on August 24th here in Taiwan. The link above goes to a Rocky-Horror-esque audience participation script--which appears to have been prepared even before the film was released. That's marketing for you.

I wonder how this sort of thing would go over in Taiwan. Imagine going to the theater with ten of your mates and throwing rubber snakes at the screen and shouting "mother fuck*** snakes" whenever someone brings up the creature. It would without a doubt be a class outing to remember, but I wonder if the other people in the audience (will this be a runaway hit in Taiwan?) who are not in on the joke would snitch and get us tossed out. That's ok, I've been thrown out of better places than the movie theater.

As a class outing, it has everything: listening, speaking, reading the script, writing a review afterwards. It's got culture--err, well American culture, anyway. And the important moral of "Don't Take a Bunch of Snakes on a Plane" is one well worth learning in today's hyper-fearful society.

If you go to see it in Taichung, let me know.

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