March 27, 2008

Here We Go

I don't read the China Post. I don't support their politics, and as a Right Wing Rag, I find their crossword puzzles way too easy. I saw an article in the Taipei Times about election anxiety and the business boom that many shrinks are experiencing right about now, but the only reference was in the China Post's online edition so here it is.

I was awakened at 5:00 this morning by horrific screaming. My Chinese has improved over the past several years, but I haven't been exposed to much Hysterical Mandarin since I left my previous employers and I couldn't quite make out what the screams were apart from, "I DON"T WANT TO GO!!!!!!"

At such an early hour, who has a clear mind? All I could think was that some sort of purge had begun. It turns out she's a new resident, a little unstable, and she had been accusing the security guards of breaking into her apartment and ransacking the place. So, nothing nefarious. The end.

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