April 23, 2008

Groovy New Learning Tool

Got a link to this in the mail today. NCIKU "more than a dictionary" indeed. It's a handy little website for all of your Mandarin learning needs...as long as you're not in need of Traditional characters, apparently. You can enter characters with mouse strokes. You can browse a thematic glossary and listen to pronunciation samples. You can ask questions. You can chat. What else do you want?

Ok, traditional characters would be nice.

UPDATE: Just heard back from Clark at nciku. Nice guy, that Clark. He says that they are currently developing an interface with Traditional characters as well as one for the Korean language. I'm not saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" but there you go. Go enjoy it. And then, when the Traditional version shows up, go learn some more. Then when you get tired of the Taiwan scene, go to Korea. Learn Asian languages forever. And then go back to America to bag groceries when you retire. The end.

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