April 23, 2008

Ready, Set, Stress

If it's Taiwan, it must be Test Season. They usually show up soon after the mosquitoes. At our After School gig, the first graders had tests on last Wednesday and Thursday. Half of our kids got 100's on both of their tests and were treated to McDonald's Happy Meals. Not bad. Not a good habit for our overachievers, unless we want a nation of Fatties. But that's neither here nor there, nor here, nor now. That's for their spotty future self to sort out. Happy Meal equals Happy Student Equals Happy Till.

Is everybody Happy? Sssssssurrrrrr......NOPE. There was a kid on Wednesday who left with his mom and dad nipping at his heels upbraiding him on the sidewalk for his dismal performance on the math test. Seven year old kid. Didn't work hard enough. His future is headed straight for the toilet. Can you believe that he would show his face in public after scoring a 96? You've noticed I haven't mentioned the boy's name for fear of causing further loss of face to his family.


Shit man, my brother Pete and I would have never graduated. We'd've wound up working in a gas station.

In other child abuse news. We've got a policy...because this is how Taiwan is and it's foolish for anyone to complain because what is ever going to change but check this out anyway. We've got this policy for our first grade students that they have to read a book every day before they go home. GREAT, huh? I thought so, too, that's why I okayed it. I didn't have a choice, but it makes me feel good. Just like in a marriage. So, they have to read a book out loud before they go home. There's a kid, will call him "Potato Head Bobby," who is always the last to go home. Always stuck here reading. HATES reading now. I think it might be because he has to read a 90 page book every day before goes home. No pictures.

That's Taiwan!

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