May 27, 2008

Don't You Know the Gas Rate's Goin' Up Up Up Up Up!

To live in this town is tough tough tough tough tough tough tough.

Gas lines around the block reminding me of the 70's. The gubmint raises the price of 92 octane by 3.6NT tonight at midnight, and it looks like some folks will be on line until then, waiting, with their engines running, to gas up. I got mine.

Jeezis. I'm wondering how I can work a bicycle into my daily schedule. It's not apparent yet. If my math is correct, gas at 30.7 NT per liter is about $3.60 a gallon. That's what 95 octane is at the moment. On June 1st, everything is to go up 6.7NT. That will be over $4US per gallon. I filled up tonight for NT$180, or six American smackers. I think they're called smackers.

If not, leave me a comment.

Updated Math (Thanks to the Mathdog)

I calculate the pre-midnight price of 95 octane in US$/gallon to be $3.80
and the post-midnight price to be $4.25.

There's more than gas. Updated other prices from Taiwan Matters
Increases in the price of cement (a more than 10% increase), gasoline (20%),
electricity (20 - 30%), natural gas (30%), fertilizer (50%!), and many other
commodities are imminent, and their effects will be widely felt.

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