May 15, 2008

English Tour at Taiwan's Museum of Natural Science

If you have free time on 5/18 or 6/14, head on over to the Science Museum to learn about Chinese Medicine, Chinese Science and Technology, and Chinese Spirtual Life. The activity is from 1:30-5:00 p.m. on both days. Space is limited to 35 people. Must be 18 or older and hold a foreign passport. Price of admission is NT$250. For information and reservation click here.


Fili said...

oh wow, that's awfully kind of them. :P I kind'o wish that would be more of a regular thing happening all over Taiwan's museum and not just on two "special days".

Paul said...

I agree with you. Plus, the signage in most of the museums I've been to has made it very difficult for me to know what I'm looking at. So, I just make up my own mind about what it is I see.

With any luck, the event will be well-attended and museums around the country will take note and this will indeed become a regular thing.