July 25, 2008


Good news from the Taiwan Baseball Blog is that God's team, the Chicago Cubs, have signed a local boy. The news is that the kids fastball isn't so fast and his control is "so-so" in localspeak. So, does this mean an end to the dominance of Wang Chien-ming and the bastard New York Yankees on Taiwan television? Doubtful, but...but, just wait til next year after the Cubs win the World Series in four straight. THEN we will have some Cubs baseball on Taiwan Teevee! Hope is alive.

UPDATE: Ok, according to the article,
RHP Hsin-Hong Tsai from Chiayi County, is actually the THIRD Taiwanese dude to get picked by the team that is currently leading the NL Central Division. THREE! The Yankees have ONE! And he's probably out for the rest of the season. So, write letters to your cable operators (you know how well this works) and tell them to drop the loser Yankees and latch on to the boys in blue. Call early, call often!

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