July 24, 2008

Local Crooks (unelected)

Here's a classic: local contractor inks a big deal with the Taipei City Government to replace manhole covers in the Tianmu neighborhood (where all the lousy foreigners are in Taipei). Being a good businessman, the contractor looks for ways to cut costs, and replaces the steel manhole covers with wooden circles covered in tar.

C'mon! What's the worst that could happen? How about a simile, anyone? Yes, Taipei City Councilor Wang Chih-ping (汪志冰) what do you have?

“Roads with wooden manhole covers are like soft sandwiches. Who will be held responsible if cars or pedestrians fall into the manholes?”

I wonder which soft sandwiches he's talking about. I like the duck ones.

(Contractor used wooden manhole covers, city says, Taipei Times)

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