July 02, 2008

The Reds Are Coming

With the new KMT president now in place, the times they are a changin'. This weekend, the skies are open and will be filled with tourists coming from the Mainland to spend their hard-earned torture dollars on ... what can they buy in Taiwan that they can't buy in China now? Pirated CDs? Huh-uh. Counterfeit handbags? Nahh. Taiwanese hookers? Nope. What is the big draw?

The biggest draw for Chinese tourists is Taiwan’s conflict with China and the life of dictator Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石), Alishan, Sun Moon Lake and their people.

Thanks for clearing THAT up.

Government employees are working overtime to renovate the Japanese colonial airport in Taipei that will be servicing the visitors. Also, they're cleaning the toilets at tourist sites around the island.

Huh. Yeah, I've noticed they're a little skanky. Umm. So yeah, uhh, way to go putting your best face forward. I like this other quote from the article:

After half a century of separation, many Taiwanese have contradictory ideas about Chinese: They are eager to show off Taiwan’s democracy, wealth, culture and sophistication, but some worry that the Chinese are backward, rude and may bring diseases to their homeland.

AND "those Chinese" eat stinky tofu, spit on the streets, pee in the gutter, drive like maniacs, pollute their atmosphere, and they're probably after our women as well.

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Nick said...

Even the most educated mainland tourists will visit Taiwan with blinders on believing with every inch of ther being that they are domestic tourists. They will get angry, upset and aggressive when confronted with the Taiwanese flag. Don't expect anything else :-)