July 07, 2008

Here they are somewhere

Well, between 653 to "over 750" tourists from the Mainland have had their first weekends in paradise with either polite discussions or not with Falungong supporters in Taipei. I'm guessing the final count on how many tourists turn up missing won't be complete for a couple weeks, as they are allowed to stay in the country for 8-10 days, according to the Taiwan News article "Chinese visitors given clean bill of health." The headline kind of conjures images of the physical examinations from the Ellis Island days.

Cooler heads have prevailed in Kaoshuing, as the mayor counseled area business owners to act "non-chalant, the Chinese are coming." Apparently, flying the PRC flag over your business is too over, and she advised folks to "act naturally." I think there are some who would argue the point that in going overboard, business owners were acting naturally.

Betel Nut Girls (God Bless Them) were requested to wear more conservative attire while the tourists were in town, lest someone get the wrong impression. So, they're cleaning up the toilets, but taking away the scantily clad broads. I'm not so sure this is an even trade.

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