July 18, 2008

Typhoon Kalamegi

It was a little shocking to see a wake in the courtyard this morning. There is pretty severe flooding all over the city. Up the street from our buxiban, a section of the road collapsed next to a construction project, and at least five cars were destroyed. On the teevee there are pictures of cars floating in the water collected in railway underpasses. School and work was canceled about seven this morning, and I got the call around eight that said my junior high would be following the policy. I've worked in schools before that didn't follow the policy, so it's always nice to be sure. Folks without kids can take the day to see Batman.

The man on the teevee says in Nantou County they've had 1000mm+ of rain. The city hasn't canceled jack today. Taichung has had a mere 504mm and is in a state. The rain has eased off since I got up at seven, but there have been some pretty strong gusts of wind in the last little bit.

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