July 14, 2008

And There They Go

They came, they saw, they bought pineapple cakes, pork buns, and filthy Western Books.

The Taiwan News article knows how many came when they got here (753) and what they bought (stuff) and what they complained about at the airport (long lines... GMAFB) but they didn't have a head count on how many left at the end of their 8 or 10 day package tours.

A few days ago the Taipei Times reported that "each Chinese tourist in the Nanjing group on average has pumped in approximately NT$60,000 into Taiwan’s economy."

They also had a quote from another young lady who was miffed about something in the airport. Apparently someone's bags were too heavy:

“This is probably the worst airport I have ever seen!” a female passenger said. “Why do we have to weigh our luggage here and pay the overweight charge at the other side of the counter?”
Duhh! So we can pay the person who weighs the bags (and his assistant) as well as the person who takes the money (and his assistant). What, how do they do things in China?

Both stories ratted out someone noting that behind the cakes, and the food, and smutty romance novels, red coral was a hot seller. I hope it was the famous Taiwanese Plastic Red Coral.

UPDATE! Taiwan's population has grown by 3 and China's has fallen by a similar number. Or not, if "one remains at large" is as ominous as it sounds.

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