August 12, 2008


Well, after all that bitching, I finally found something that resembles "coverage." Channel 9 here is showing a repeat of the athletes walking into the stadium in Beijing. And now we're in a commerical in the middle of the US contingent. It's such a coincidence that none of the people who run any of the TV stations in Taiwan come from families where their mother can remember exactly who their father is.

Back from the commercial break and here's China! Nice outfit. Yellow Apparel. I can't figure out why there is a mariachi band playing them in. The Chinese leaders look a bit drab.

Interesting. The 8 women carried the Olympic flag all the way around the track, and then handed it over to the goose stepping military guys to raise it. I'm surprised not to have read anything about this before. I don't think I've seen soldiers involved in the flag raising before. I mean, they were good marchers and everything, but...well, this will surely be an Olympics full of firsts.

There is live archery on Channel 7 at the moment. Lots of empty seats. That's a shame.

Back to the opening ceremony. The fireworks were by far the most impressive I've ever seen. The torch lighting was pretty cool as well,

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Gary said...

The fireworks, as seen on TV, were somewhat "enhanced". Still, pretty cool.
Here is a going around China about the song sung at the opening ceremony, “You and Me.” The English “you” sounds like the Chinese word for “oil” and English “me” happens to sound like the Chinese word for “rice.” So many people say the song reflects the "One World, One Dream" so precisely because the world is expecting more oil and rice.