August 09, 2008

Testing My Meddle

Just for a couple weeks, actually. The NBC Olympics site is only available to people within the US, which means that I may be stuck working myself into an imaginary frenzy watching the Chinese Taipei badminton team. Does anyone know of a work around or another source for sports coverage.

Hmmm...I suppose I could try ESPN. CNN just isn't cutting it.

Update. 8/10--Broadcast teevee shows that Canada and Taiwan are tied at two apiece in the top of the third. But I've got a sneaking suspicion that this isn't the Big O, as I don't see anything that says "Beijing" behind home plate, and the graphics say something about NBAF, but it's way too fast for me to read what the hell it's all about. Let's just assume that this isn't Olympic coverage on channel 70 (Taichung Cable).

OH! OH! Channel 55 is showing the Chinese Taipei someone or other (update Baseball team) arriving in an airport somewhere. Autographing a baseball as large as my daughter's head. Huh. That sure looked like Beijing to me. This is the sort of confusion that has plagued me for almost nine frigging years.

According to Salon, folks back home are having difficulty seeing the games live ("Show the Games Live") The article led me to Silcon Allley Insider with info on where to watch the games online. From there I went to and ran into one of those things that the runners try to jump over. I don't know what they're called because I can't see the games in English yet. To get CCTV from China, you need to download a plugin, but none exists for Firefox for MacOS. So, I opened Safari. A trip back to the same site, and they suggest downloading the Windows Media Viewer for Mac. Normally, I would say "Why" but today, the answer is simply, "beach volleyball." Pig.

Now, I'm another step closer. I downloaded a free trial of Flip4Mac, a WMV application.

You Tube. Blocked. But here's a work around. Neat. It got me into the Beijing2008 Channel, but all the videos say no longer available. I wonder if this is because I'm living in a country that doesn't want to reunify with China. I can get the channel in Firefox and in Safari, but it says the video is no longer available.

I'm going to have an ice cream bar and think about things for a minute.

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