December 17, 2008

Democrats Abroad Organizational Meeting, Taiwan

Any American citizens interested in joining Democrats Abroad in Taiwan is welcome to attend the meeting in Taipei January 17th.  BUT you must first register at the Democrats Abroad website.

From the Facebook Page:

Organize! Run for leadership positions! Vote!

DA Taiwan is going to hold an annual general meeting on January 17th, 2009 from 2 p.m. to about 5 p.m. in Taipei to elect board members and to take the formal steps necessary to upgrade our DA Taiwan country committee to being a full "voting" committee. The event will be at Famous Larry's Pizza, Yanji St, Lane 137, No. 2 (台北市延吉街137巷2號), Ph: 2771-1032.

We finally have the membership numbers and a lot of energy, and now is the perfect time to hold elections and follow the necessary steps to ensure we have DA Taiwan back in full swing again! We can share information about what we've been doing and definitely want to hear back from you!

Candidates Needed! We will need candidates for director and supervisor positions. The chair and vice-chair positions must be of the opposite gender under Democratic Party rules, and so we do hope we can get a good, balanced mix of candidates. Let us know ASAP if your interested in running, so that we can start putting together ballot information.

Not in Taipei? If you are not in Taipei but want to run for the board, keep in mind that modern telecommunications can help ensure your active involvement. If getting to the meeting is geographically difficult, we will also try to ensure your vote is counted via proxy voting.

Other Opportunities! In addition to the formal elected positions, there is a lot of room for you to get involved as a committee member on one of the standing or ad-hoc committees to be established. There are so many geographic and demographic reasons why you can be an enormous help in reaching American voters living in Taiwan!

More information will be distributed soon on the venue location, procedures, draft bylaws and other formalities.

You must be an American citizen over 18 to join and participate. In addition to replying to this invite, you MUST also register with Democrats Abroad at, do it today!

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