December 15, 2008

Mr Hu, Do You Ever Read My Blog?

Hi Mr Mayor,

We don't talk much because I have no idea where your office is. I think you've done a lot to make Taichung beautiful and classier. There's the baseball stadium, the new ampitheater, the opera house that's gonna get built sometime, the new city hall down the street from my house. I hear that work on the MRT is to begin next year? Is this so? Awesome. Keep up the good work.

There's something I've been meaning to ask, though. You've started well with the bike paths across town. Very good for recreational biking. But I know you like to think big. And Bigger. Check out this video from YouTube.

The former parks and recreation director from Bogota, Colombia shares his experiences with Ciclovia, car free Sundays in his city. They now have over 75 miles of streets closed to cars one day every week to promote community interaction, health, and to decrease the amount of CO2 expelled into the atmosphere. It's Fantastic!

The Taichung Metropolitan Park up on the hill is very nice. I like what you've done with the place. But how many people are riding their bicycles up the hill to get there? The roads are too dangerous. Too many taxis, too many blue trucks. Let's kick them off at least some of the roads for one Sunday a month and see how we like it. After 6 months, maybe we can expand to twice a month. Who knows, by the time you leave office, you might be able to enjoy riding your bike on the streets with fellow Taichungers one Sunday a month.

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