May 01, 2009

Bathing in Bottled Water?

The word is that rat poison has been dumped into the water supply at Tunghai University here in Taichung. University officials reacted by putting  a cork in it. The hot water dispensers are shut off, no running water in sinks. No water for the dairy cows. No word on flushing the toilets. Jeez, what a mess.

UPDATE: The water at Tunghai University (which is way on the other side of town from me if you're worried) tested positive for rat poison.

The reason it tested positive is that the faceless loser debter  pictured above (Taiwan News) between the law enforcement guys in the snazzy vests, a Mr Yeh, hung a bag of rat poison in a water tank at the university. He did this on the same day that he wrote a letter to the president of the university asking for NT$5 million and 50 taels of gold (FUN FACT: a tael is about 50 grams) to be placed at several locations around the city for him to pick up. He called back the next day and told the president to inform the other universities in the area that they'd better pay up, too, or they'd get some more of the same.

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