June 17, 2009

School Trip

Our summer vacation is just around the corner--something like ten days off. Or is it 7? There are a couple days of report card writing and planning in early July, but then we're off. Received word a couple of days ago that the teachers were going to be taking an annual trip together on the first Monday that we have off. Destination? The old dictator's mausoleum. Can I just have the cash? Isn't there a beer factory someplace that gives tours? I'm sure there is. I KNOW there is.

Brought this up at the meeting. Not the beer, the trip to Dictator Chiang's digs. It seems that part of the attraction at least is that it was closed down for the period of time when the old man's party was out of power, and now only a limited number of people can go in and look around. I can't imagine what the atmosphere there must be like. Are there old waishenren men selling sausages along the pathways, and would they play ignore the foreigner or charge me the "special price?"

I told them no. I wavered a few moments ago, thinking it might be interesting for the list. I mean, I've been to Kruschev's grave & could find a few more despots around Asia to add to the macabre list, I guess.

But it's so hot now, and if they rent a bus, I'm nervous that it might have an operable KTV machine and that my colleagues would misuse it for their catterwauling. No, I couldn't possibly go. Good. Settled. Thank you, Internets.

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