October 01, 2015

B@Cast Podcast Episode 01--"The I Have No Idea What I'm Doing" Edition

EPISDOE 1: I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

I got one in the can! I got one in the can! Hawt Dawg!

This is the one where I started in Garageband and did a music bed, then decided that that was too easy and shifted over to Adobe Audition and thought that was pretty cool,  but it took a good four weeks to discover that I oughta just go back to Garageband and finish the podcast and learn Audition when I need to learn Audition.

So I came back to Garageband where I can spend my time that I'm not standing in front of a class talking on a Thursday, to sit behind a microphone and continue talking.  I'm sure that there are worse uses of my free time.

I'm looking for anybody with an interesting to tell. I've got some ideas, you've got some ideas. Let me hear your ideas. Tweet me!

And, if you manage to hear this in the next 24 hours or so, make sure that you head out to Red Room Taipei to hear the short stories!

Show Notes:

RED ROOM TAIPEI: www.redroomtaipei.com

ROUND TABLE READ ALOUD: http://redroomtaipei.com/a-round-table-readaloud-2-oct-2015/

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Twitter: @phatbatt

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