October 22, 2015

B@tTaiwan Podcast #2: The Expat Is Us Edition https://soundcloud.com/phatbatt/episode-02-the-expat-is-us

The response to Episode 1 was enough of a reinforcement that I got to work on #2 The Expat is Us  right away. Thanks for your suggestions and encouraging words.

"Got to work right away" is not in the least an overstatement...I got distracted, about a week into it.

This time, though I learned a bunch of new things about recording. I've started working with Abelton Live and a Novation Launchpad to produce music-ish sounds. I also cheated and used a couple loops straight from the Garageband catalogue.

Interviewing Michael Turton is a blast because he knows everything about Taiwan and things kind of go on autopilot. This is a sin I paid for later when editing. I think something got missed out. Still very much a learning experience on this end.

Since the first show, I've really been blown away by the number of people who have been kind enough to reach out and tell me what they liked, and for the people who took the time to offer constructive criticism. That helped; keep it coming!


The View From Taiwan: michaelturton.blogspot.com

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